Why Snippets and Sketches?

Snippets and Sketches is a newsletter for people who like art, poetry, and children’s books, especially when all three of those things come together. In this newsletter I share snippets about:

  • Writing: Poetry, process posts, tips on writing concisely and poetically, and book news. 

  • Reading: I love to highlight books that exemplify what I see as the best qualities in children’s literature, primarily in picture books and middle grade. 

  • Creating: Sketches, doodles, and other works of art I create on this journey toward becoming a children’s book illustrator.

  • Life: Random ramblings and anecdotes that I will attempt to relate to my life as a creative.

Who is Rebecca?

I am a children’s book author and poet with five published picture books, all of which are in rhyme. My poetry has appeared in publications such as Highlights for Children, Pockets, the Fun for Kidz magazines, Ladybug, and more. I have led picture book and rhyme workshops for SCBWI, mentored fellow picture book writers, and have critiqued over 150 picture book manuscripts for satisfied clients. I’m also a wife, mom, grandma, and a follower of Christ.

Why subscribe?

Aside from this simply being a newsletter that is fun to read…

For readers:

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For writers:

  • All of the above, and…

  • Process posts

  • Writing tips, especially for rhymers

Plus, if you don’t trust social media algorithms or just get exhausted trying to train them to work right for you, then subscribing to this newsletter will ensure you don’t miss a thing.

For now, subscriptions are free, but I may in the future offer a paid subscription especially for writers of children’s books.

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A newsletter for people who like art, poetry, and children's books, but not long newsletters.


Children's book author, artist, baker, story time enthusiast, follower of Christ.